Artist Profile – Maserati

maserati glam shot

What is post rock? What is math rock? Your typical, run of the mill, stuffy rock critic would define the genres as rock that is heavily guitar oriented. Music that relies on irregular time signatures, dissonant chords and feedback, as well as unusual harmonic and rhythmic structures to achieve its sonic goals. I define post rock as progressive rock music that pushes not just rock music, but all music beyond its boundaries and parameters. No matter how you cut it, Maserati is progressive and yes, they are rock.

The band formed around 2000 in Athens, GA and have been creating catchy, well-structured instrumental rock tunes since. Fast forward to the present and some of the individual band members have relocated to different cities. Nonetheless, they still allot some rare and precious time to bond together and create some of the most creative and explosive instrumental rock records. Fans of Explosions in the Sky, you will like this. Their new record is entitled Passages and so far I have thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve heard. I initially intended on reviewing the record, but decided against it. Shot From Guns readers, just understand that Passages is definitely something worth checking into.

Maserati is currently touring, to hear some of Passages and find tour dates, go to:


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