Worth Checking Out – Untied States

untied states2

I heard about Untied States‘ new album Instant Everything, Constant Nothing via Ohm Park’s website. I listened to some of the band’s material on their myspace and it’s pretty solid. It’s always a bit of a challenge for me to describe a local band’s sound because I’m not exactly sure what trajectory that group will move in and I would hate to pigeonhole them. Nonetheless, Untied States’ music lies within the post rock/pop realm – maybe I can call it post pop.

The band bears that distinct offbeat and jagged sound that is reminiscent of many Hello Sir and Dischord bands, the notorious art rock sound that is rooted in the acrylic paint covered hands and hearts of so many young eccentrics and weirdos. Untied States reminds me a little bit of Dismemberment Plan, a more experimental Cave In and a poppier, more accessible, but less dangerous and explosive We Versus the Shark. All in all, I liked their new record.

To hear Instant Everything, Constant Nothing, click here

*The band has a show at the Highland Inn Ballroom with Can Can on November 28.



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