Get Involved – Ticket Disaster

Despite having a degree in a political field, I rarely utilize this blog to post my political tirades and opinions. I feel that the beliefs and stipulations surrounding many issues are so complex and multi-faceted that it’s impossible to paint everything in black and white hues. Being misinformed and utilizing one sided arguments makes one’s strategy weaker and defeats the very purpose of tackling the issue in the first place. However, I have to dust off my soapbox for this one.

For months there has been talk of a Live Nation/Ticketmaster merger in the works. Many of us are sitting on the sidelines and watching this monopoly grow and evolve and we are doing nothing about it. However, there are a select few that have taken action. Ticket Disaster is one of those organizations that is taking action and I fully support them. They have listed some very articulate points as to why the Live Nation/Ticketmaster merger is harmful towards the live entertainment industry. I encourage anyone who reads this post to visit their website, sign up for their updates, sign any petitions and get involved. The hard working individuals who make the music business go round have already taken significant hits and losses due to rampant illegal downloading. Artists, live sound engineers, promotional and booking agents, bartenders, waitresses and almost anyone you see in a bar, club, or music venue suffers when live entertainment suffers. And last, but not least, the fans suffer the most. We are charged with exorbitant ticket and container fees and none of it is relevant to the live entertainment that we seek. It dampens and destroys the live experience.

If you visit Ticket Disaster’s website at, you can read even more about this pressing issue.


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