Worth Checking Out – Whores and Attention System

In addition to being a “freelance journalist,” I am a musician and songwriter.

I’m also a big nerd and I like to go to the discussion forums on Harmony Central. I yack about effects pedals and which vintage fuzz boxes and delay pedals are cool and worth collecting. I talk about the merits of using carbon comp resistors in tube amps, how to eq a mixing board and I also gab about the music business.

I try to gain some clarity about where I fit within this industry and how I can help bolster other talented individuals’ careers and move them to the next level. At this current stage in the game, unfortunately it appears to me as if many local and DIY artists have been labeled as ‘whores” scrambling within an “attention system,”  struggling to gain a foothold in this business by using social media and free music.

So I figured, why not write about Whores and Attention System? Because ironically I met members of both of those bands through Harmony Central, they both just so happen to be based in Atlanta and I like their music.

Attention System has a sound very similar to the Killers. There’s definitely an eighties new wave influence running throughout their songs and I’m sure fans of the Cure, Videodrone, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Orgy will appreciate their music.

Whores is a bit more edgy, but they have a completely different sound and ultimately different musical objectives. Their music is brash, bold and intense and fans of Kylesa, Baroness and Young Widows will appreciate their sluggish sound.

Both of these bands have shows on Saturday, Feb. 13, so choose wisely. Attention System will be performing at the Vinyl and you can hear them here. Whores will be at Star Bar with Subrig Destroyer and you can hear them here. Enjoy.

*No, the members of the bands Whores and Attention System are not attention seeking whores, but you get the picture.


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