Paint A Picture – Rod Hamdallah

Paint A Picture is a series that asks musicians, painters, graphic designers, local film directors, and other artistic individuals what external factors influence their art. It’s rooted in the concept that we, as musicians and artists, are not just driven by what we see in our own internal communities, everything in the creative world influences us.

My second guest on Paint A Picture is my friend Rod Hamdallah. Rod and I were both members of the notorious skate crew FTS in high school. I recall both of us staying out late for hours at time and literally skating miles around the city and suburbs with FTS. In addition to our love for skateboarding, Rod and I were both music junkies. He was more of punk rocker at the time and I was a reformed metalhead in the middle of a bizarre hipster metamorphosis.

Since then Rod has gone on to start a couple rockabilly/soul-oriented music groups and has followed his dreams. He has not allowed any of his fears to paralyze his actions and he’s one of the most driven people that I know. I wanted to talk with him about skating and briefly discuss how it impacted his life.

When did you first start skating and why?

I first started at the age of eleven. My neighbor in Clifton, NJ was trying to skate so I thought I’d give it a try.

Is your music influenced by your experiences as a skater?

When I first started playing music, it was punk rock. It was already kind of a part of the scene and sub-culture that surrounds skateboarding. Today my music has that skater attitude, which I like and thrive off of. It shares that same energy and dynamic feeling, the same feeling that I get when skating.

Overall, how has skating impacted your life?

It has impacted my life in many ways like, attitude mostly – if you don’t get it right the first time, don’t stop and keep going (like if you fall off your board and have to get up and try something again). It’s implicitly taught me about perseverance and dedication and I am very grateful for that.

Rod Hamdallah will be performing at the Earl on March 3. For more information, click here


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