Jungol – “Two People” NEW Single

Jungol has been performing around the local Atlanta and Athens areas for years and they have definitely paid their dues. Their new album Over the Sun and Under the Radar was released a couple months ago and I feel it’s one of the stronger releases coming out the Atlanta area.

One problem I’ve always had with local bands and their music is that it sounds just that – local. When you compare their songwriting and arrangements to major label groups or artists operating at a slightly higher echelon, the material doesn’t always stand out.  For me, it’s not an issue of recording quality or fancy Pro Tools tricks, but writing carefully structured and witty songs. Unfortunately, I may hear three or four truly talented local acts that share these traits amongst a heap of twenty other bands.

Jungol definitely falls in the first category. I feel they write catchy and smart tunes that can be played on both experimental college radio or mainstream rock radio. I would even go so far as to compare them to more mainstream acts such as Mutemath, Elbow, or Muse. I feel their new record Over the Sun has some serious potential and encourage readers to check out this innovative act in the near future.

To hear more of Over the Sun, click here

To buy Over the Sun, click here


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