Album Review: Mermaids – “Tropsicle”

This is reprint from Latest Disgrace. Thanks Moe!

When did reverb (the excess of it, anyway) become the new Auto-Tune? Just about any lo-fi, beach-afflicted indie pop act worth their salt these days is drenching their invariably jingly jangle guitars in the stuff, all in the hopes of turning their mostly pedestrian retro rock into something bordering on the psychedelic and drug-addled. Atlanta’s Mermaids are as guilty as anyone of this, lacing their surf and garage-infused beach-pop with enough of that tinny echo so that even the most innocent of their ’60s doo-wop inspired jams come off as hazy and acid-tinged. Fortunately, the effervescent five-piece also know how to craft a solid hook or two.

Tropsicle has its flaws—an overarching sense of sameness and muddy production chief among them—but it’s also wonderfully loose and light, full of sunny vocal harmonies and breezy rhythms. But despite the band’s near-reverent Beach Boys genuflecting, this is a sound entrenched inextricably in the moment; it’s as much a product of 2010’s let’s-all-get-along chillwave fun vibe as anything else.

It will be interesting to see where Mermaids take their sound in the future, but for now it’s a promising start.

Latest Disgrace rating – 3 out of 5 stars

Shot From Guns rating – D +

Tropsicle Track List:
01. Holiday
02. We’ll See You Soon
03. Frozen In Time
04. Make Believe
05. Vacation
06. Everybody’s Acting Like an Animal
07. New Years Tears
08. Afternoon
09. So It Goes
10. Mirrors On the Wall
11. Whirlpool



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