Roman Photos – Ribcage 7″

Roman Photos specializes in house/electronic music.  Their new single is called “Ribcage” and it is prime for the dancefloor. It’s like if the Rapture and Simian Mobile Disco had a baby and !!! and LCD Soundsystem had a baby and by some miracle, those two babies met and f^&ked – this would be the $hit they birthed.

Overall, I feel the music is very catchy and if the vocals are improved, Roman Photos could have a lot of potential as a house band.

“Ribcage” will be released later this month and it’s streaming on the group’s bandcamp here.

Ribcage Track List:

01. Ribcage

02. Closer

03. Ribcage (Living Rooms remix)

04. Ribcage (Ominous Castle remix)

05. Ribcage (Dogbite remix)

06. Closer (Ominous Castle remix)

07. Closer (Judi Chicago remix)  


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