Album Review: Sunglasses – “Bad Happy”

This is a reprint from Latest Disgrace, thanks Moe!

Released in August of 2009, Bad Happy was the Sunglasses’ official coming out party—a dirty, abrasive, 11-song trudge through muddy, grunge-y sludge and caterwauling noise rock. It’s a relentlessly aggressive, oftentimes brutal mess, the sort of pummeling, discordant dude-rock.

This is music tailor-made for sweaty, beer-soaked basement shows, especially when its hardwired to the sort of indomitable hardcore punk spirit exhibited on tracks like “Boosh” and “100 Names.” There’s nothing particularly innovative or new here—unfortunately, channeling the Jesus Lizard and the dissonant, atonal AmpRep aesthetic does tend to date your music at least a decade—but the Sunglasses play with such abandon and “fuck all” attitude that it hardly matters. And now, thanks to the fine folks at Trans Ruin and DarkWolf Records, you can score yourself a copy of Bad Happy on vinyl, which is exactly where this type of snarling, go-for-the-throat rock belongs.

Latest Disgrace rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Shot From Guns rating: B+

Bad Happy Track List:
01. Boosh
02. Michael Asshole
03. 100 Names
04. Chut Brittny
05. Here Comes Yer Mom
06. I Can Only Eat Pudding
07. Best Friend
08. Smoke It
09. Yearbook
10. Fires
11. Steven and the Waves



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