Odist Preps New Album with Grammy Winning Producer

This is a reprint from Creative Loafing’s Crib Notes blog. Thanks Kristin Dionne Thomas!

A little while ago, I sat and chatted with one of my favorite local drummers, Sarah Wilson, about her instrumental band Odist, which has been buzzing about for the past year or so in Atlanta’s progressive scene. At the time she was excited about the prospect of the band recording its next project with a big name, but she was hesitant to reveal more details until it was set in stone.

“Definitely within this past year things have been picking up speed,” Wilson said two months ago. “We have a lot of exciting things going on next year. We’re doing pre-production right now on our new album, and we will possibly be recording with a Grammy Award-winning artist. As soon as we know for sure it’s going to happen, we will let everyone know.”

Since then, Odist has confirmed that the artist in question is none other than Isaiah “Ikey” Owens. The keyboardist of the Mars Volta now has his own band, Free Moral Agents, which Odist played with in October at a particularly memorable show at the Five Spot in Little Five Points. Odist will be heading out to Long Beach, Cali. to record with Ikey at Compound Studios.

A member of Atlanta’s Hijacking Music collective, Odist has been together for about three years and is poised to make waves beyond the local scene when the band embarks on its first west coast tour in the spring.

Odist‘s last album, On the 49th Day (released last year), was a dark and fairly aggressive album, especially with such standout tunes as “Behemoth.” On this upcoming album, however, Sarah looks forward to a new direction for Odist. “We’re writing some chill parts in songs. On one part we’re excited about, I actually put down my sticks and play maracas and a tambourine, and Jason does some smooth bass lines, and Parker is doing the atmospheric guitar licks. It sounds really cool, you can definitely expect some chill sounds on this one.”

NYE SHOW: Odist with Nigredo and The Humboldt Trio. $5. 9 p.m. Fri., Dec. 31. The Music Room, 24 Waddell St. 404-734-4319.


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