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{Official Video} Qurious – “Aurora Borealis”


From Exile @ the Earl 1.7.2011

From Exile receives plenty of attention in the local Atlanta press and because of this I tend to avoid publishing stories about them. However, this January footage of them at the Earl is too good to pass up. These guys have definitely taken some notes from the Megadeth/Judas Priest metal shredders handbook and on this recording they show off their star pupil status.

From Exile will be releasing a NIN cover ep in May and their next show is on March 31 at 529 with Lazer Wulf and Universe Divide.

For more about this band, click here

Roman Photos – Ribcage 7″

Roman Photos specializes in house/electronic music.  Their new single is called “Ribcage” and it is prime for the dancefloor. It’s like if the Rapture and Simian Mobile Disco had a baby and !!! and LCD Soundsystem had a baby and by some miracle, those two babies met and f^&ked – this would be the $hit they birthed.

Overall, I feel the music is very catchy and if the vocals are improved, Roman Photos could have a lot of potential as a house band.

“Ribcage” will be released later this month and it’s streaming on the group’s bandcamp here.

Ribcage Track List:

01. Ribcage

02. Closer

03. Ribcage (Living Rooms remix)

04. Ribcage (Ominous Castle remix)

05. Ribcage (Dogbite remix)

06. Closer (Ominous Castle remix)

07. Closer (Judi Chicago remix)  

HAWKS Gear Stolen

Atlanta grunge/heavy post punk band Hawks had their trailer broken into last night. They estimate that around $8,000-10,000 worth of gear was stolen. Here’s a list of the gear. If you see any ads on craigslist or ebay with an abnormal amount of music gear being sold, it could be the band’s. Contact the band on myspace or facebook.

– Fender Jazz bass — Black Japanese Geddy Lee edition / Black case
– GK 700RB w/ black and silver rackmount flightcase (2008 model, stickers on frontface: Talk me off, The Sunglasses, etc)
– GK 400RB (mid 90’s model)
– Mesa Boogie bass cab 1×15, 1×10, 2×5 (loaded with 1×15 Kappa Pro LF)
– Electro Harmonics POG
– Boss Tuner
– 2 1×15 Lopo cabinets. Black w/ OxBlood grill cloth. (Eminence 15 loaded. White tape on the top, one missing one of the back port covers)

– Dark brown wood stain, Tama kick drum and case (orange HOX$, spray painted on the outside of case)
– Dark brown wood stain, Tama rack tom and case (orange HOX$, spray painted on the outside of case)
– Dark brown wood stain, Tama floor tom and case (mountable) (orange HOX$, spray painted on the outside of case)

– 20in Silver, MEINL, Latin Surdo Samba drum

– Silver Pedaltrain PT-2 pedal board case w/ removable black pedal board
– Roland Koass Pad, Black (White tape over the number 2 position button)
– Boss DD-3 Delay Pedal
– X Frame Keyboard stand

– 2 Eurolight LP Flightcases (yellow and camo)

– 37 copies of Hawks Barnburner — LP
– 4 copies of WE NO FUN Comp — LP
– 60 HAWKS T-shirts (Black and Red) w/ black and yellow storage case

– 6 speaker cables
– 6 instrument cables
– 3 mic cables

– 1 Shure SM58A Beta mic
– 1 Shure SM58 mic (white tape around the base)

– 1 white Carry-On trailer, 5×8, wooden floor, small “name tag and GRIDS stickers” on left side


From Exile – “Everyone Wants to Seem Evil”

From Exile is a death/prog-metal and industrial band based out of Atlanta. Their record Monolith received some positive reviews in the press, but I was never completely sold on that album. I’m not a big fan of speed metal so the sounds never appealed to me.

However, I stumbled upon an acoustic demo of their song “Everyone Wants to Seem Evil” and I really enjoyed it. It reminds me of a Swedish metal band called Opeth that I listened to in high school.This video is the first of an acoustic series that From Exile will be leaking online.

Attention System – “Alibi” OFFICIAL Video

Album Review: Mermaids – “Tropsicle”

This is reprint from Latest Disgrace. Thanks Moe!

When did reverb (the excess of it, anyway) become the new Auto-Tune? Just about any lo-fi, beach-afflicted indie pop act worth their salt these days is drenching their invariably jingly jangle guitars in the stuff, all in the hopes of turning their mostly pedestrian retro rock into something bordering on the psychedelic and drug-addled. Atlanta’s Mermaids are as guilty as anyone of this, lacing their surf and garage-infused beach-pop with enough of that tinny echo so that even the most innocent of their ’60s doo-wop inspired jams come off as hazy and acid-tinged. Fortunately, the effervescent five-piece also know how to craft a solid hook or two.

Tropsicle has its flaws—an overarching sense of sameness and muddy production chief among them—but it’s also wonderfully loose and light, full of sunny vocal harmonies and breezy rhythms. But despite the band’s near-reverent Beach Boys genuflecting, this is a sound entrenched inextricably in the moment; it’s as much a product of 2010’s let’s-all-get-along chillwave fun vibe as anything else.

It will be interesting to see where Mermaids take their sound in the future, but for now it’s a promising start.

Latest Disgrace rating – 3 out of 5 stars

Shot From Guns rating – D +

Tropsicle Track List:
01. Holiday
02. We’ll See You Soon
03. Frozen In Time
04. Make Believe
05. Vacation
06. Everybody’s Acting Like an Animal
07. New Years Tears
08. Afternoon
09. So It Goes
10. Mirrors On the Wall
11. Whirlpool

MySpace: www.myspace.com/mermaidsatl
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mmermaidss