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From Exile @ the Earl 1.7.2011

From Exile receives plenty of attention in the local Atlanta press and because of this I tend to avoid publishing stories about them. However, this January footage of them at the Earl is too good to pass up. These guys have definitely taken some notes from the Megadeth/Judas Priest metal shredders handbook and on this recording they show off their star pupil status.

From Exile will be releasing a NIN cover ep in May and their next show is on March 31 at 529 with Lazer Wulf and Universe Divide.

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Featured Show of the Week

From Exile – “Everyone Wants to Seem Evil”

From Exile is a death/prog-metal and industrial band based out of Atlanta. Their record Monolith received some positive reviews in the press, but I was never completely sold on that album. I’m not a big fan of speed metal so the sounds never appealed to me.

However, I stumbled upon an acoustic demo of their song “Everyone Wants to Seem Evil” and I really enjoyed it. It reminds me of a Swedish metal band called Opeth that I listened to in high school.This video is the first of an acoustic series that From Exile will be leaking online.