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{Official Video} Tyler the Creator – “Yonkers”

Tyler the Creator is a 19 year old rapper from Los Angeles and the leader of a hip hop/skate crew called OFWGKTA. I heard about him a few months ago via Pitchfork Media, but as usual I wanted to wait and evaluate the hype. I took a listen to his self-produced debut album Bastard and was blown away by what I heard.

His style reminds of Slim Shady era Eminem meeting a foul-mouthed and rambunctious MF Doom while skating in a cracked out insane asylum. I understand this an odd description, but if Tyler the Creator truly is the future of rap, we are indeed looking at an odd future.

Tyler’s new album is entitled Goblin and will be released in April. Check out the promo video for his single “Yonkers” below.